Friday, September 30, 2011

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #10 Inspiration

Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #10 was to create a layout based on a magazine ad.  I found this drill the MOST DIFFICULT!!!  But I trudged through and gave it a try.  Instead of focusing on trying to mimic the style of the ad, I focused on the colors + a few style elements.  First, I don 't look at too many magazines.  I happen to have this Southern Living magazine laying around; so, I chose this page for its COLORS.  Her turquoise dress against the brownish red brick, brown dress behind her and the dark green of the bushes and grass are what inspired me to chose photos and paper to coordinate.  I also like the puffy white letters of the title in the add.  I tried to mimic.  In addition, I added a blue green striped layer at the bottom to resemble the grass. Unfortunately, I ordered a clear pen vs a white pen; so, my journaling was done in white.  Not the best layout, nor do I think I will use this drill very often (my mind doesn't think this way). 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #12 Brightening Eyes

Ella Publishing's Last Boot Camp Drill #12 was a photoshop tip on brightening eyes in a photo.  I may have overdone it a bit, but with practice I really think this tip will come in handy.  Picture of me & Billie at her shower.  Removed red eye and brightened our eyes and teeth.  Before and after pictures.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #11 (Embossing/Resist) & Double Take Wk1 Sk3

First, I have to say, "I can't believe LOAD is completed!"  I am in shock; so it is a good thing I have a few Ella's Boot Camp Drills to complete and 4 FABULOUS weeks of Double Take with Nic Howard & May Flaum!  So excited.  Today I combined Drill #11 Embossing and Resist Technique and Double Take's Week 1 Sketch 3 into one layout.  It is about our 2 different snow days in 2011, specifically: 1/9/11 & 2/9/11.  Most of these pictures are from 1/9/11.  Embossing/Resist Technique.  The red embossed snowflake paper inspired me.  Unfortunately, I still need LOTS of practice.  I took a piece of white cardstock and stamped a snowflake image all over it.  I used Dazzle Versamark ink to create the embossed snowflake.  I used clear embossing powder (because that is all I have).  I do think white embossing powder would work better.  I embossed snowflakes on the white background cardstock and a strip of white cardstock to use for the title letters "Snow Daze".  (The title I owe a thanks to a fellow classmate in double take)  For the title letters, I inked them with vintage photo & red brick distress inks by Tim Holtz.  I sprayed Maya Roads, Maya Mist "white" spray paint on the edges of the white snowflake background cardstock.  Again, I think the snowflakes would have stood out better if I would have used white embossing powder rather than clear.  I used the leftover "handmade created" title paper for "accents".  I punched a double loop border, using Martha Stewarts' around the page punches.  I tucked in these accents primarily on the left page.  I was also SO HAPPY to use a Prima Silver Poinsettia on the right hand of the page!!  I have had these and never used them!  Also the paper is SEI "Alpine Forest".  I only used 3 sheets of PP, with several pieces left over.  The sketch used a lot more layering than I have been doing lately, which took me a bit longer to create.  But I LOVE how it turned out!  Double Take is taking me into that creative mode, trying new and old/unused techniques, such as embossing, inking, more embellishments, punching and layering!  I am truly happy to "jazz" up my pages a bit more since LOAD, even if this layout took me two days.  Off to another drill and another sketch!

Monday, September 26, 2011

LOAD: Day 26 Double Take Wk1 Sketch2

I can't believe it!  Today is the LAST DAY OF MOTHERLOAD!!!!!! Whoohoo!!! 26 layouts in 26 days!!!  A total of 43 layouts over the course of 13 weeks!  I am quite proud of myself.  I followed all but one prompt I do believe, even if the prompt was not followed until a few days later!  I will miss Laine Ehman's daily emails challenging me to try something new and different or old and forgotten!  The LAST LOAD prompt was to "SCRAP" whatever you wanted!  Just do it!  So, guilt free, I chose to use Week 1 Sketch 2 of Double Take!  Love this sketch!  It is certainly going to be one of my "go-to sketches"!!  These are the last pictures of Walker's Magic Show.  The picture in the lower left hand corner is of the actual magician's class Walker attended.  Here it is, the last LOAD page:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

LOAD: Day 25 Scraplift, Ella Boot Camp Drill # 9

          Today's LOAD challenge was to scraplift a picture, LO, theme, idea from a previous LOAD layout.  I chose to scraplift the self portrait taken during LOAD basic training.  I incorporated the picture with Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #9: Guiding Principles Quiz.  The drill taught by Angie Lucas, encouraged us to use a quiz helping us define our guiding principles for life.  I completely scraplifted her layout design by placing my words of wisdom on the right and used up some "L's" from my letters stash.  I am not happy with the self adhesive clear paper I used for the journaling, but it is done!  Here is my interpretation of both challenges.

LOAD: Day 24 Lyrics; Double Take Wk1 Sketch 1

Not sure why I didn't post yesterday's  LOAD and Double Take class layout, but here it is.  The LOAD challenge for the day was to use a song title or lyrics as the title on a layout.  I was not inspired to use the prompt.  WHAT I really wanted to work on one of the four sketches for the first week of DOUBLE TAKE with Nic Howard and May Flaum at Big Picture Classes .  Therefore, I completed the first out of four sketches for the week as my daily LOAD challenge. Double Take class has TWO fantastic instructors, 4 sketches, 2 examples per sketch each week for 4 weeks!  It is not too late to join us!  Click on Big Picture Classes above to learn more about the class and register.  Go for it!

Only three more days left of LOAD!  The pictures of Walker on the layout are him performing his Magic show which he learned from Landon Stark's Magic class earlier that day.  He was very intent on performing the magic tricks "just so".   The journaling reads "Magician at Work"  "Walker attended a "magical workshop" taught by Landon Stark, a professional magician.  When we got home, he performed a show for us.  Mae Mae was his "assistant".  he was very enthusiastic about his performance - very unusual (for Walker).  Performing trick after trick - I clapped and snapped (photos) eagerly."

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ScrapHappy Informal LOAD Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog.  If you participating in the ScrapHappy Informal October LOAD, you should have come from christie.   If not, go lisa hausmann to start the official "unofficial LOAD blog hop".  I am fairly new to blogging, so I have just the basics here.  I wanted to participate in this informal LOAD blog hop because as a newbie to LOAD, last month (I participated in MotherLOAD at Big Picture Classes), I was grateful to the previous blog hop discussing how to prepare for LOAD.  First and foremost, just enjoy the process!  HAVE FUN!!!  It is not to be a stressful event; it is a time for you capture memories on paper! Feel free to look through my blog during the month of September at some of the layouts I made.  Most were made using the prompts, I love lists, so here is my list of "how to prepare" for LOAD.

1.  Get your basics together: glue/tape, cardstock (your favorite and basic colors), BLACK letters (they go with every layout for a quick title), little letters (quick way to create a title without overpowering your page), cutter blades, glue dots, glue lines.  Whatever your go-to scrap items are, have extras on hand.  (This is very important for me because I live in a rural area; so it is a 2 hour drive to a commercial store or on-line ordering for boutique items with wait time for shipping for my favorite tape.)

2.  Get Organized.  I thought I was, but I was not!  Consider organizing your papers, embellishments, etc. by color.  stacy julian has some fun videos regarding this type of organization. I have all my embellishments on magnetic and/or peg boards.  Embellishments are organized by type and then color. My ribbons are organized by color in jars on a shelf.  I finally organized my pattern paper by color. I also broke down and sorted "used" kits into color.  If I used the kit, I then put the embellishments with like embellishments and filed the pattern paper by color.  I also cleaned my space very well. I pulled everything out, cleaned (including the baseboards), purged untouched supplies and sorted by type and color.  The one exception is I do have pattern papers and embellishments also sorted by events/holidays.  I have hanging file folders; so I have an orange folder for Halloween, red folder for Christmas, blue for sports, etc.  I also created special themed folders for pictures I knew I would scrap.  For example, I have a travel folder with themed papers, some embellishments, etc.  There are all kinds of books, blogs, etc on how to organize. I am visual person, so I viewed Stacy Julian's color videos, Let's Scrap Scrabook Room Forum with tons of pictures of "scrap spaces", Paperclipping Roundtable's organization podcast, Getting it all together PRT 053 and Organization on the Move PRT 081, and don't forget to check out Lain Ehman's site.  Then, I just did what worked for me.  (NOTE:  I did this cleaning spree and reorganization the day before I started LOAD, so it is still possible.  I needed a clean space.  I will say I did have a plan prior to cleaning.)

3.  Print Pictures.  To me this is part of getting organized.  Organize those digital photos, upload to printing service and ORDER those pictures.  Get them ALL before you start!  I typically print photos at home, but I did not know what the prompts would suggest and I wanted to be ready for any type of challenge!  Organizing, uploading and printing pictures is my least favorite scrapping activity.  It did not take a lot of time cropping or editing the photos.  I just printed the pictures I wanted in 4x6 and a few favorites in 5x7.  I made a conscience decision to scrap 4x6 photos or crop them by hand to meet my daily prompt needs.  I did take the time to make sure all the printed photos (I had about 300) were sorted and labeled (event and date) on outside of packet.  This made choosing a photo for the daily challenge easy and creating a layout faster.

 (Below are my go-to scrapping needs. They be of help or not.)

4.  Sketches and/or Inspiration:  I love a sketch and/or challenge!  This is my #1 GO-TO item to start a layout! I made sure I had sketches printed for easy referral.  I also collected and printed all the unaccomplished layouts/challenges/lessons from previous scrapbooking classes.  This was helpful.  It kept me off the internet surfing for inspiration, which would have cost ME valuable time.

5.  Pre-Made Kits:  I LOVE KITS!  I have all sorts of kits.  Kits with matching papers and embellishments,  sometimes with and without a suggested layout example.  I also have beautiful kits with papers and embellishments with directions on how to create the layout EXACTLY like the picture!  Of course, the layouts never look exactly like the picture because I have to tweak it, but the point is, sometimes I need to be able to QUICKLY assemble a layout, put my pictures on it and call it a day.  Another approach is create your own kits, which I did too, pull papers, embellishments, journaling tags, ribbons, etc all together and put into a file folder/page protector ready to use!  Cuts down on the decision time!

6.  Photos To Scrap List:  As silly as it sounds, I have a list of events/theme to scrap. It truly helps me focus.  With 300 photos staring at me, I quickly become overwhelmed.  Plus it is always fun to scratch an event/theme off the list once I have scrapped it!  (Again, my go-to item.  You may find this very restricting and uncreative.)

I do believe I am the last on the blog hop list.  I hope the information helps.  Have fun and enjoy LOAD! See you on the boards!

P.S.  I was so excited before starting my first LOAD that the "Eve of the night before LOAD", I wrote a little poem.  If you want a little chuckle, go here  Twas the Night Before LOAD.
The layout above has the poem with pictures of my scraproom on it.  The layout was based on a prompt received during LOAD.

Here is the official list of Blog Hoppers:
Lisa M.:  

Happy Scrapping
Lisa M. Zepponi

Friday, September 23, 2011

LOAD: Day 23 Say it with Numbers

      Today's LOAD challenge was to "Say it with Numbers".  I followed Lain's example and scrapped about the numbers I live by during the day with a twist.  I scrapped my schedule when I was Vice President/West Campus Services next to my schedule now as a stay at home mom.  Big difference.  I chose black & white with no picture, because it is as simple as that, it is black and white:  Life with a job and life without a job.  Here it is.  LMZ

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #6 Grid Design

Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #6 with Lisa Dickinson taught us about design using grids in three different ways.  I chose:  Use a grid as the background and place a picture over grid.  I used a picture of Jill Mutz, my aunt with Walker's baseball helmet on, bat in one hand and Oscar the puppy in the other!  The "Oldest t-baller".  It was fun!  Plus I got to use up some random embellishments and scraps!  Love it!

I also used PSE to darken up the picture because it was too light; however it looks as if I went too dark.  This is a technique I learned by Maggie Holmes.  Obviously, I didn't listen very well!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #8 Urban Effect

Tonight's, Boot Camp, drill was to use the "urban effect" on a photo.  I applied it to the picture of Walker dressed up for spirit week's "Giddy UP" day.  I don't think I will use this effect to often.
Urban Effect

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #5: Frustrated Independence

Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #5 was to use connective journaling.  I am not even going to try to explain what connective journaling is because I am not sure if I got it.  However, I used some pictures of Walker at 3 1/2 trying to open a bottle of coke and becoming so frustrated doing while trying to accomplish his task. My connective journaling is "Walker is too much like me!"  Losing it when he can't accomplish something he thinks he should be able to perform by himself!  Frustrated Independence!

LOAD: Day 22 Scrap an "End": Ella Boot Camp Drill #7 Stamping w/ Words

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap something came to an end.  The end of an era, journey, task, etc.  At first, I thought I would not follow the prompt, because I could not think of anything that had come to an end that wasn't extremely sad or frustrating. That is until, I looked through the wonderful Big Picture Gallery and I found a layout of someone's children who had fallen asleep at the end of dinner at the table!  Too Cute!  Then I thought of ALL those holiday pictures to Niagara Falls and BAM!!!  The last page of my travel album was born!  Thanks Laine! I began with Prima Marketing's Road Trip Collection, "Twists & Turns" entire page.  I did cut the bottom off and used a piece of blue "graphed" paper from the same line to create my subtitle "Memories to remember".  I also decided that this was the perfect layout to incorporate Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #7, stamping with words.  I stamped the title "An Adventure Begins" and the subtitle, Memories to Remember.  My word stamp (my entire stamp) arsenal is limited and old.  And my technique is rough; hence why you see part of the square of the actual block stamp.  But I do like how this layout turned out;  I don't think I would have ever thought of the theme nor used stamps to create the title!  Thanks Laine & Nichol, respectively!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday Card Stamped with markers

Jennifer McGuire challenged us to use something besides inks to color our stamps.  I used markers to ink up the birthday cake of this stamped Birthday Card.  Here is my example.

LOAD: Day 21 Cut a picture into a Shape

Today's LOAD challenge was to cut your picture into a shape.  So, I broke out the old Creative Memories shape cutters and cut a picture of Walker in his All Star baseball uniform into a "rounded" star.  This was never my favorite shape cutter, but it fit the theme of the layout!  I also participated in a Let's Scrap challenge to use 3 different pieces of chipboard and alter them.  I covered the upper right star with silver foil, painted the journal chipboard with khaki paint and stickled the arrow red.  I used up some old baseball themed paper and material.  I love these pictures of Walker and his team in the dug out focused on their fellow team mate up to bat!
      Here is my Day 21 Layout:  ALL STAR!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LOAD: Day 20 & Ella Publishing Drill #3

Today's LOAD challenge was to use an action shot you took during training (or any picture you took during training as part of the homework assignments).  The bottom picture is a photo of my scraproom, which was part of our training homework assignments. The picture of above is a candid of me, which my son took while I was sitting at the computer in my scrap room.  I wanted to highlight a little poem I wrote the eve of the eve of LOAD.  The poem can be read in its entirety by clicking on this link Twas The Night Before LOAD .  The names of the scrappers are of a small "accountability group" within MotherLOAD.  I have been waiting all month to scrap this poem with a picture of my scrap room;  today's prompt was the calling! I have had a blast during LOAD!!  I have also incorporated Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #3, stamp a background by Nichol Magorik and Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration lesson of using distress inks.  I stamped the entire "pattern paper" background using Tim Holtz' Distress Inks (Fired Brick, Faded Jeans, Walnut Stain & Spiced Marmalade: my only colors of ink) on multi patterned Inkadinkado stamp.  I placed all four colors of ink on the stamp, misted it with water and randomly stamped a white piece of cardstock, creating a "patterned paper" background. In addition, I used spiced marmalade & fired brick on a dot stamp.  Using the dot stamp, I stamped watercolor paper, misted and cut out the title LOAD using my Cricut.  I matted the title in black cardstock. Last, I used stickles on the dots in the title, making them sparkle.  I tried to pull out the stamped butterfly by including glittered butterflies on the page.   I matted the poem and pictures in Bazzill Bling Cardstock.  I kind of like the look.  I need to procure some new stamps to make this "stamped background" look even better.  I had fun making this layout.   Thanks for looking!

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #4

Yes, I skipped Drill #3 of Ella Publishing's Boot Camp 2011.  It is coming soon.  I have not finished the LO.  Tonight's drill was a Photoshop Elements or photo editing drill!  Loved IT!  Immediately applied to the skating pictures of Walker, from classmate's birthday party.  The rink was dark, black light was in action!  So, my pictures were less than desirable.   PLUS, I was on skates!  The new photo editing techniques certainly improved the photo! I can actually see my child, in the blue shirt, skating towards me! 

After PSE
Before PSE

LOAD: Day 20 & Ella Boot Camp: Drill #2

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap the "action" photo or any photo we took during basic training.  I am hoping to accomplish that today, too but this layout is based on Ella's Publishing Boot Camp's Day #1, Drill #2 (night drill): Use pattern paper.  I chose a bold pattern, a geometric pattern and solid. The funny thing is I really thought I was choosing a bold statement pattern and adding coordinating patters to complement it.  The drill was to focus on how to use pattern papers, how to mix and match pattern papers.  I also focused on one of last week's LOAD challenges, use a bad photo.  These photos were taken last year on my blackberry. The lighting was bad and the chef's movements were fast! Hence the not-so-good photos.  I also included one of the embossed accordian fold flowers from Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration class. Walker had a blast during his first trip to the Hibachi Grill!  I loved seeing his face light up when the chef gave us an extraordinary display of dexterity.  PLUS, I really liked using all these pink papers on this layout to capture the pink tint in the pictures. I don't normally get to use pink on LOs with Walker. The pictures are from summer 2010.


Monday, September 19, 2011

LOAD: Day 19 Scrap Out of Order & Ella's Boot Camp Drill #1

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap out of chronological order.  It was also the first day of Ella's Boot Camp.  Boot Camp lesson was "no-grammar" journaling.  Document something in a pie chart, or comparison of two people on your LO.  I chose to document our daily schedule in a pie chart:  20% sleeping, 30% working or being educated, 15% sports, 15% either hunting (for the boys) or scrapbooking (for me), 10% fighting over homework, 5% watching Netflix streaming Hercules while playing with Daisy Dawg and 5% Deciding what to eat and then either going to get it or popping it in the microwave!  It was a fun challenge!  I also included some last week LOAD challenges, scrap a picture I have already used on a LO, stamp on your LO (row of flowers, title and flower embellishment), scrap something difficult (our daily routine).  I also used a new technique learned in Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration workshop; embossing and using distress inks on watercolor paper.  The embossed/watercolored flower (top left) is my attempt.  Here is our daily schedule layout!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

LOAD: Day 18 Color Inpsiration

Today's LOAD challenge was to use the following color inspiration.


I think I somewhat accomplished the challenge, but more importantly I created a layout NOT from a "make and style" kit.  I did scraplift the topic and design layout from an American Crafts' designer team member, Revilie Schuit, who posted a similar layout on their blog hop! Click here to see her layout.  Revlie Schuit Thanks!  You inspired me to get my mojo on again!  Here is my layout.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

LOAD: Day 16 & Day 17 Charming Boy

LOAD  Challenge was a "free day" today.     Pictures of Walker from church photos.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

LOAD: Day 15 Family

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap a challenging memory. Did that a couple of challenges ago; so you get this layout with a picture of our family, which we took at church.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LOAD: Day 14 Stamping

Stamping is not an old technique for me.  I am enrolled in Jennifer McGuire's stamping class but not I have sat down to try anything.  So, here is a kit I got at a crop in August.  I put a "church picture" of Chet & me on the "journey" page.

LOAD: Day 13 Ritual First Communion

I thought I posted this yesterday, but didn't work.  It was a picture of Walker during First Communion.  Picture of LO is now deleted off computer to make room for more.  Sorry.

Monday, September 12, 2011

LOAD: Day 12: Birthday Book

Day 12 was to scrap a not so good photo.  I completed a Birthday reminder book for son's school.  It will be used in the homemade booth at the annual fundraiser.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

LOAD: Day 11 Sketch: Walker BBall

LOAD challenge for 9.11.11 was to use a sketch. I made my layout into a 2 page LO vs. one page. I was able to scrap those baseball portraits, which is always challenging to me. The pictures are of Walker's last year in coach pitch. He played on the Gator's coach pitch team with Robby Howe, Amanda & Ralph Azlin as the coaches.  Glad its done!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

LOAD: Day 10 B&W photo, Daisy Dawg

Today's LOAD challenge was to use a black and white photo, plus my snack bag.  I used the black and white photo, lots of old stash but not the scrap bag.  Here is what I came up with:

Friday, September 9, 2011

LOAD: Day 9 Scraps

Today's LOAD challenge was to use scraps.  Well these "scraps" are from a school kit I have.  This LO is from 2nd grade, school pic, name 1st day of school in Walker's handwriting, class picture of last day of school and a picture of Walker presenting his Native American paper and project.  Easy peasy.  Got it done!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOAD: Day 8 I need...

Today's Load challenge was to scrap "what you need".  What do you need to make your day, week, month, life complete, whole and happy,  or more simply, what do you need to get through the day so you don't pull your hair out as you run from the room screaming!
     1.  God, daily prayer: "Help, me today Lord!"
     2.  My lists for work, daily to do's, scrapbooking, events, projects. I am lost without them.  (Don't forget those binders.)
     3. My blackberry phone and computer.  I can't think of a day I do not use one, if not both, of these pieces of communication.
     4.  The Color Red.  I love it! It makes me happy and energized!
Here is my layout on what I need... (to make it through each day).

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LOAD: Day 7 Turkey Gun

Today's LOAD challenge was "A Blast from the Past:  Use those VERY old supplies".  Deckled or brick and brack scissors, double mat, cut the photos into shapes, use "specialty pattern paper".  Although, I have several albums to attest to me utilization of these supplies and techniques, I couldn't go back that far!!   I double matted my 2009 pics and journaling spot!  I also used "scenic" paper.  The entire sheet is that of the turkeys in the field.  Do you see how the scene runs havoc on placing 2 double matted pics PLUS title and metal stickers on the page.  The pics have to overlap to accomodate all the other items.  Not my favorite page, but used circa (2005-2007) stash and captured Walker's very excited face as he opened his very first Turkey Gun!  And I made the LO in under 30 mintues! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LOAD: Day 6 Me

      The LOAD challenge for today, Day 6, was to use the picture,  I took of myself during our 9 week training, on a layout.  I used two pictures taken during Mr. & Mrs. Gregg's Anniversary party last summer (June 2010).  Love this picture of me & Walker. I used Cricut's paper lace "hearts1" as the background for the first time!  I also used a scrap square piece of pattern paper used on the layouts I created of Mr. & Mrs. Gregg's anniversary party. Used some left over Adorn it! felt black embellishments. I like how it turned out!  Here it is!

Monday, September 5, 2011

St. Joseph Graduation: Mitchell Mutz

Well, I had a niece and cousin both graduate from St. Joseph High School in Bryan, TX this past May. As always I am a little late in scrapping their pics but, I posted one of Kelsey a couple of weeks ago; so, I thought: let's post Mitchell's page! Here it is! His thank you letter was a crack up; so, I had to include it on the page! Hope you enjoy! It certainly made me chuckle! Go Purple and Gold!

Sorry I am so late in posting!

LOAD: Day 5 & Shimelle's 4x6 Love Camp Tara Wildlife

Opening the pages; left is back of 8x12; right is 12x12
8x12 is closed on top of the 12x12
       Today's LOAD challenge was to throw out the "usual" techniques and/or minimum requirements we adhere to when we create a layout.  For example, if you always create a 12x12 layout; make an 8x8 or other size layout, use hand journaling if you always use computerized, etc.

     Well, in order to meet today's LOAD prompt, I decided to tackle Shimelle's/Two Peas in a Bucket 4x6 Love August challenge.   The 4x6 challenge is to use 8 pictures; four on a 12x12 layout and 4 (2 on each side) of an 8x12.  Then you will sew or adhere the two page protectors together to create "One page".

       I have never scrapped on an 8x12 page before, nor do I typically use transparency to create the title of a layout, nor do I use the front and back of one sheet of paper (at the same time) to create a layout (8x12), nor do I use computer generated journalling.  All of which I did on this 4x6 LOVE/LOAD layout.  Here is my take on both challenges.

     I will need to decide if the page should open left or right.  Once I decide exactly where this "combo" layout will go in my son's album, I will use "tacky" tape to adhere the 8x12 page protector to the 12x12 page protector.  This will create the look and feel of one layout made of 2 pages.
Front 8x12 page
Back of 8x12 page

It amazes me that I only used 2 sheets of patterned cardstock.  One side was blue dots and the other solid blue.  The paper is 3+ years old and is We R Memory Keepers "Sky".  The envelope is Maya Road and the journal block is Bo Bunny. I used Summer Days banner from Pink Paislee's Hometown Summer collection.  This layout certainly took some time to create, but it was fun.  I will keep the idea in reserve.  This paper is some that I "saved" because I needed just the "right layout" to use it.   Three years later, I do think I found the right layout.  I plan to use the back of the 12x12 side to "quickly" layout two picks I have of Walker in the car on the ride home from camp.

    Tara Wildlife Camp is a five star camp located in Vicksburg, MS.  John Luther (Walker's cousin) and Walker shared a room (joined that day) by a friend Jacob Bomgarten.  This room was air conditioned, two double beds, only 2 boys per room, had its own shower and toilet, laundry service and 3 hot meals a day for one week.  Both boys received their hunter's education certification after taking the state test.  The pictures directly to the right are of the last day of camp. 1st: John & Walker in front of the life size deer in the hall of the cabins.  2nd pic: "Smurf" and Walker in the TV room of the camp.  Smurf was a 16 year old boy in Walker's "team/group" for the week.  Walker like any young 9 year old attached himself to "smurf" for the week.  I asked Walker what the boy's name was and he kept repeating "Smurf". Walker has no idea what this young man's Christian name is. Smurf received his nickname from a t-shirt he wore throughout camp!  Walker thoroughly enjoyed camp! Hunting, fishing, archery, riflery, duck call lessons, alligator management...a young hunter's dream!  Walker is already gearing up for next year!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Suit: Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

Here is my take on Shimelle Laine's Sketch of the Week!  I had a lot of fun with this sketch!  This is a picture of Walker during his First Holy Communion.  The journal tag talks about his excitement over his new suit.  "Walker was so proud of his First Communion suit.  I took off work and picked him up from after school early.  We went to "Lookin' Good" to purchase his new suit.  He tried on this 3 piece black suit and a navy side pin strip suit. He chose the black suit with black square toed shoes and a red tie!  He hasn't been this excited about clothes since he was 3 1/2 and he stomped up the JA Ball line in his new white leather high ankle shoes!"  When we picked up the suit, he immediately tried the entire thing on for Chet!  Excitement was written all over his face!  Wonderful memory!

LOAD: Day 4 Friends & Intense

Today we were challenged to identify what minimum requirements we had for creating a layout.  Then we were to create the layout based on our observations.  I determined that I needed: paper (some patterned paper and some solid), pictures (plural, typically more than 2), ink (either the edges of the paper and/or sprayed ink across the page), some embellishments (not any particular embellishments, stars, flowers, chipboard; just something), and a title (typically pre-made letters of chipboard, sticker or thickers).  Here is my layout based on these observations.  The layout is of Walker's last day of 2nd grade at Our Lady of Lourdes during "Field Day" with all of his friends.  I have also included an additional page I completed of the same  Field Day, but I focused on the intensity of Walker's expressions as he competed!  I love this intensity and his competitive attitude!
Friends at Field Day: May 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zepponi New Year's Day!

Chet, Walker & Daisy

Happy New Year!! Zepponi style!  Today marks the 1st day of the new year as far as the Zepponi men are concerned. It is Dove Day! The beginning of all the hunting seasons! A lot of preparation goes into kicking off our Zepponi New Year, as named by sister-in-law Ashley! Dogs trained for retrieving (months in advance), shells must be bought (500 shells I bought Friday afternoon), guns oiled, cleaned and set out for early retrieval, shells loaded in the camo back pack, hunting clothes retrieved, cleaned and set out for that early wake up call, (camera ready for easy pick up by half asleep mom), baths taken and the alarm set for a 5:00 am (on a Saturday) wake up call!!! RRRR RRRR RRRR goes the alarm at 5:00 am dark! I sit bolt up in bed screaming, "What the...?"   The man and boy sleep. 15 minutes later: RRRR RRRR RRRR goes the alarm, again.  I kick the man saying, "aren't you getting up?  "yes," he says.   "Well do it and turn off the alarm," I say as a I roll over trying to go back to bed.

Daisy is sad she was left.
Movement is felt, lights turned on, the boy awoken, and I realize I must get up if I want pictures! Aargh! I get up groggily, stop them as they are trying to escape without getting their annual New Year's Day picture made! Thank goodness for the man. He has good sense. He makes the boy stand still, holds the dog, so I can get my pictures without alot of nagging, and so they can get out the door! Yahoo! They are off, only to return to retrieve chairs to sit on during the hunt. At 9:00 am. I receive a phone call. "Are you coming to mama's for breakfast?" asks the man. "No, I say. I just fell back asleep an hour ago. I might see you for lunch," I say groggily.

Relaxing after lunch
But I wake up, start moving and eventually head over to hunting camp central, my mother-in-law's home. Ribs await the hungry hunters, friends and family before a nap and/or play/swim time. At 3:00 p.m. the hunters gear back up and leave for the sunflower fields to find us some Sunday dinner! Some of the women venture out this afternoon and the rest of us "hunt" for a space on the couch to chit chat! The hunters and the retrievers (dogs and children) will come in at dark, tired and hungry but fulfilled with the sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and excitement as another Zepponi New Year's Day comes to an end.
Delise &Scott Menotti
Hey, but this is just the beginning. They will be up tomorrow for more dove hunting, followed by bow deer season and alligator in October, gun deer season in November (this is Christmas Day), duck in January and last but not least turkey season in March. During these hunts, man teaches boy/girl the safety of hunting, the patience of quietly waiting, the knowledge that the young should be left to grow old and to give thanks for all that Lord has given. And if you should read this and you are not a hunter, we eat what we kill and/or share with those who want and/or in need.

Walker, Will & Leland hunting
                     Happy Hunting & Happy New Year to All!