Monday, September 19, 2011

LOAD: Day 19 Scrap Out of Order & Ella's Boot Camp Drill #1

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap out of chronological order.  It was also the first day of Ella's Boot Camp.  Boot Camp lesson was "no-grammar" journaling.  Document something in a pie chart, or comparison of two people on your LO.  I chose to document our daily schedule in a pie chart:  20% sleeping, 30% working or being educated, 15% sports, 15% either hunting (for the boys) or scrapbooking (for me), 10% fighting over homework, 5% watching Netflix streaming Hercules while playing with Daisy Dawg and 5% Deciding what to eat and then either going to get it or popping it in the microwave!  It was a fun challenge!  I also included some last week LOAD challenges, scrap a picture I have already used on a LO, stamp on your LO (row of flowers, title and flower embellishment), scrap something difficult (our daily routine).  I also used a new technique learned in Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration workshop; embossing and using distress inks on watercolor paper.  The embossed/watercolored flower (top left) is my attempt.  Here is our daily schedule layout!

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