Thursday, September 22, 2011

LOAD: Day 22 Scrap an "End": Ella Boot Camp Drill #7 Stamping w/ Words

Today's LOAD challenge was to scrap something came to an end.  The end of an era, journey, task, etc.  At first, I thought I would not follow the prompt, because I could not think of anything that had come to an end that wasn't extremely sad or frustrating. That is until, I looked through the wonderful Big Picture Gallery and I found a layout of someone's children who had fallen asleep at the end of dinner at the table!  Too Cute!  Then I thought of ALL those holiday pictures to Niagara Falls and BAM!!!  The last page of my travel album was born!  Thanks Laine! I began with Prima Marketing's Road Trip Collection, "Twists & Turns" entire page.  I did cut the bottom off and used a piece of blue "graphed" paper from the same line to create my subtitle "Memories to remember".  I also decided that this was the perfect layout to incorporate Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #7, stamping with words.  I stamped the title "An Adventure Begins" and the subtitle, Memories to Remember.  My word stamp (my entire stamp) arsenal is limited and old.  And my technique is rough; hence why you see part of the square of the actual block stamp.  But I do like how this layout turned out;  I don't think I would have ever thought of the theme nor used stamps to create the title!  Thanks Laine & Nichol, respectively!


  1. Great job. I love your layout! Thanks so much for participating in my drill! Best, Nichol

  2. Love the design of your layout and the stamps you used!