Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Challenges: A BIG START!!!

I am super proud of myself!!  I have completed TWO (2) of my own made up CHALLENGES!!!  AND  I have made a huge dent in TWO (2) other challenges, which were the following: 1) Use my silhouette to cut out a background for a layout (Challenge #6).  I have cut out a GIANT egg which I can put pattern paper behind; it will cover 1/3 of my 12x12 layout; 2) Use my silhouette to cut files to create a themed layout (Challenge #8); I have cut out an Easter title, grass, eggs and a rabbit!  We will see what happens....

Completed Challenges!

Challenge #10 Use a pre cut themed layout

I used a Lickety Split Scrapbooks kit from years ago.  The theme was Father's Day/Father Appreciation 2 page layout!!  I am so excited to actually use this kit and put it in my family album!!  Here it is!

Father's Day 2015

Challenge #8 Use a Pocket Page


I wanted to complete the backside of a pocket page that had six 4x4 spots and 4 3x4 spots in my son's album.  I used a lot of 4x4 extras and embellishments that have "just been sitting there" to fill the spots!  Love using up my supplies while documenting a mini story!!  LOVE IT!!

My Challenges

These are my own individual scrapbooking challenges.  I will accomplish at least 10 of these challenges by Sunday, April 23, 2017.  I hope these challenges will inspire me to always scrap and create.  Last day of spring break so let's get started!

1.  Scrap a birthday photo
2. Scrap Valentine's day photo
3. Create a mini story within an album (Christmas/Easter/large event)
4. Create a front or back page for an album
5. Use a decorative punched edge.
***6. Use a silhouette cut file for the background of a LO
Let's Scrap Sketch
7. Use a silhouette cut file for a title
***8. Use a silhouette cut file to create a themed layout.
9. Complete card kits for Easter gifts!
10. Use a pre-cut kit layout.  3/19/17
11. Create a LO of Hawaii trip.
12. Create a LO of NYC trip.
13. Create a LO of New England trip
14. Use an 8 1/2 x 11 photo on a LO
15. Use a 5 x 7 photo on a LO
16. Complete a pocket page.3/19/17
17. Use a pre-made kit (either themed or just a paper kit)
18. Use "color your own" letters
19. Use fabric.
20. Use a banner
21. Use EXTREMELY OLD paper, letters and embellishments
22. Use left over letters/embellishments to make a card
23.  Use spray ink on LO
24.  Use a stencil
25. Use watercolor paper and inks.
26. Post all of these LOs on my blog page.

------ Strikethrough items EQUAL "I COMPLETED"
*** Star Items EQUAL "I STARTED!!"

Water Skiing at 14!: TMN Challenge #84

This layout is based on a sketch challenge from The Memory Nest.  This is sketch #84.   I am so excited to have found The Memory Nest!  Inspirational sketches and layouts, which are encouraging me to scrap!  In fact, several silhouette cutouts have been featured, which I hope to try!!!  This is a 5x7 photo printed from my new Epson PictureMate 400 (birthday present from my husband & son).  I am very happy with how it turned out!  I encourage you to visit The Memory Nest for inspiration and shopping!  This is a photo of my son wakeboarding on his 14th birthday last summer!  Fun birthday!

Playing 7th Grade Basketball: TMN Challenge #83

I was so excited to find the site The Memory Nest who features sketch challenges!!  I LOVE a challenge!! This is Sketch Challenge #83.  I encourage you to check out The Memory Nest  Their sketches and blog post inspired me this past week!  This is my son playing 7th grade school basketball.  The only photo I have of him playing basketball.