Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown

"My disapproval in our Senate, Congress and President's current actions is beyond words.  Together you have shown a lack of responsibility to the people you represent.   Collectively,  your inability to COMPROMISE has made our country look like a 3rd world nation with discussions of "government shutdowns". I am thoroughly embarrassed. My expectation of ALL elected government officials is to reach at least a temporary compromise by the end of today.  Please restore my faith in our democratic system.  I pray that our "government" will open their hearts and minds to find a compromise.
(In addition, I find the comment popping up immediately upon opening your website placing the entire blame of a "government shutdown" on "Congress's failure..." unbefitting of a man or woman who holds the title of  President of the United States. A true leader takes responsibility for his or her actions and the actions of those for which he is responsible(his employees).  Please act like the leader the US citizens elected and take ownership of your mistakes, an inability to compromise."

This is the comment that I sent to both US MS Senators: Thad Cockren & Roger Wicker; US House of Representative: Bennie Thompson and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.  The comment in parenthesis was sent only to the President and Vice President.  

I am just shocked, saddened, disgusted, angry and the list of emotions continues with our government's inability to COMPROMISE.  Do I like Obama's Healthcare plan?  No.  It has certainly cost me ALOT more of my menial discretionary funds.  Do I think healthcare should be right of each citizen?  i know it costs a lot more to treat someone having a heartache vs prescribing them preventive medication.  Unfortunately, I am beginning to think anything with sugar in it or "fast food" should have higher taxes to help offset the medical costs.  However, it is the 1950's/60's government who introduced "corn syrup" into our everyday diets. 

It is just pathetic that the egos of the men and women in our US government have allowed our nation to come to this mess.  AND SHAME ON US FOR ELECTING AND RE-ELECTING THESE PEOPLE.