Thursday, March 15, 2012

Take Twelve: March A LOVE/HATE Relationship

       I took several pics on the 12th of March, but I settled on 12 pictures of (mostly appliances in my house)  items/things that I have a LOVE/HATE relationship.  I love candy/cokes but hate what they do to my waist line.  I love my Happy Everything Candy/Cookie jar, but look what it holds!  I love all my appliances because they make life a lot easier than they did 100 years ago, but I hate to clean them, plus a few other reasons.  The journaling is missing from this LO because I need to get a white pen, but I will identify the relationship I have with each item under its picture.

Washing Machine, I love that use wash my clothes in record time but I HATE that you STINK, you really stink!; Brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner, I LOVE that you help me clean up the house easily but I HATE that are NOT hidden away and after I use you, you are nasty!  Shower, I love that you give me HOT showers at the end of a long day, but I hate that you grow mold and are tiresome to clean.  Toilet, what can I say? Yahoo! You are indoors! But I hate to clean you!  Happy Everything Cookie/Candy Jar, I love how you celebrate each holiday and hold hidden delectable treasures. But I HATE that you hold tasty treats that stretch my waist line. Viking Range: You are beautiful to behold with your stainless steel exterior, 4 burners, a grill, griddle and 2 ovens, but I hate that you burn everything in the oven, that grease just sticks to you like glue and that you are a monstrosity to clean.  Candy, cookies, cokes: you know what you do!  iPHONE, aren't you SMART with all your touch pad features, internet, email, text and apps but would you stop bothering me with all those rings!  My ice box, you are double sided, holding more food than we need w/ your your matching cabinet exterior, but why does everything sticky in you spill?  Do you do it on purpose?  Dishwasher, so sleek and superior washing all my dirty dishes in the blink of an eye, but why oh why can't you unload yourself?  Microwave, you are the best of them all.  What did we do before you came along? You zap food  to the perfect temperature for eating; you cook food in 3 minutes; but why must you pretend that everything I put in you is a volcano, making it erupt like Mt. Helena?  Mr. Ice Maker, I love that you constantly provide me ice to fill my cup, but you are so tempermental! You will quit on me in the snap of the fingers, you grumble at me every four hours and hide the scoop every chance you get! You big baby!  Regardless of all ya'lls faults and at times I truly "hate" you, I still love and cherish each of you! I am willing to put up with idiosyncrasies because overall you make my life easier, allowing me more free time than my ancestors and dog gone it, ya'll look pretty spiffy when you "clean up"!  All my Love, Lisa, your owner, your greatest and worst friend.