Thursday, March 17, 2016

Shimelle's Weekly Challenge: Use LOTS of letters

This week on Shimelle's Challenge, we were challenged to use LOTS of LETTERS!  Use up those those thickers, sticker letters both big and small  OR you could use your silhouette to cut out several different words to form a title; then you could back with different pattern paper as seen here.  I needed a cover to my 2014-2015 Christmas Album.  I decided this challenge was a perfect fit.  I chose 2 photos of Christmas (1 from 2014 and 2 from 2015) and paired several different words that mean Christmas to me.  I also filled in space with "left over" Christmas sticker phrases!  I used up some Christmas letter stickers and Christmas phrase stickers, which makes me feel great!  I am loving all the new inspiration on Shimelle's Blog from Weekly Challenges, to guest bloggers and the return of Glitter Girl!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shimelle's Weekend Crop: Use Frames Challenge

The Use Frames Challenge from Shimelle's Weekend Crop was definitely the MOST difficult for me.  I truly struggled on this layout for two days- holding up my entire crop progress.  Until...I started looking through my albums for inspiration, when I realized I needed a "closing" page for my son's "Athletics" album of his younger years.  Although I didn't quite use the correct pictures for the time period in the album, the pictures on the layout do give you a hint of the future and what is to come.  I pulled out a lot of poloroid style frames and a some baggies with old "odds and ends" finding ALL of these frames in the various bags.  Certainly not my favorite layout but 1. I used TONS of OLD supplies/scraps (everything is over a year old) 2. I got a "closing" page for an album I finished (or at least I thought I finished) several years ago.  I definitely will use the "frames" design in the future when I need a closing/filler/starting page for an album.

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Use Circles Challenge

I was intrigued with not only the challenge to use circles on Shimelle's Weekend Crop, but also the technique to cut several circles using your silhouette, water color and embellish each circle as a separate vignette.  Although it is a bit too much white for me and the separate vignettes became a bit tedious (for me), I enjoyed stepping out of my box!  I got to use some stamps I have NEVER used before and some fun ones to boot.  I used some scraps from Shimelle's True Stories to mat the photo and I used a heart washi tape, because I am a Valentine Baby.  I did enjoy using my silhouette.  I certainly have become very lazy when it comes to my silhouette!  The picture is of me having an after dinner drink at Arturo's in Weslaco, Tx during a family dinner with the Greers in December 2015.

Shimelle's Weekend Crop: Use a teal, tan, red, mustard and navy color palette

This challenge from Shimelle's Crop Weekend was to use the colors: red, teal, mustard, tan and navy blue.  Well looking at the picture, I forgot to add the navy blue.  I think I was going to add it as a thin strip between the mustard and teal mats.  Unfortunately I can not add it now because the silver letter were "super glued" to the page and I am NOT cutting little pieces to fit in between the letters.  These are just selfies I took of me and Daisy Dawg on New Year's Eve 12/31/15.  It is our three course meal with champagne!  Just the girls enjoying some special treats!!!

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Choose Your Challenge from the Comments

This layout from Shimelle's Crop Weekend was pick your own challenge from the comments.  Well, I guess I cheated a bit and took a little bit from several challenges: Use wood grain, chevron and 3x4 cards.  I dropped the 3x4 cards because it just wouldn't work.  This layout is about our trips to the Waffle House each Saturday and/or Sunday morning when we spend the night in out of town for a baseball tournament.  Many times we were lucky enough to stay at the same hotel with Leland, even though we are on different teams.  Our favorite place is the Waffle House because it has great food at an inexpensive rate and the best customer service!  Just look at our waitresses smile!!

Shimelle's Weekly Challenge 3/7/16: Scrap 3 photos

Shimelle's Weekly Challenge for the week of 3/7/16 was to scrap 3 photos!  There were two guest bloggers/designers providing their take on the challenge.  I followed May Flaum's take a bit more.  I scrapped some "not so great" photos of Chet's 50th Birthday celebration, which was simply Chet, Walker & me with a few gifts.  He did get a good day of hunting by himself.  Hey I asked if he wanted a party and he said, "No".

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Challenge: Use an Old Picture

While completing the "Big Picture Challenge", I found this FUN 8 1/2 x 11 photo of the boys back in 2013.  So, I decided to tackle Shimelle's Challenge:  Crop an Old Photo.  This layout was super simple and lots of FUN!!!

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Challenge; Use Shimelle's First Line

Still going strong with Shimelle's Crop Weekend Challenges!!   I chose to tackle the challenge "Use Shimelle's First Line".  I had a bag full of scrap pieces (which were perfectly cut), 3 full 12x12 sheets and a few ephemera with 2 wood veneers left.  This layout came together so quickly because the pattern papers were cut in a variety of shapes (which I learned from Shimelle).  I did use a few of Shimelle's wooden buttons from her True Stories line.
These are photos from my iPhone of a Saturday adventure with my girlfriend.  Guillermo, the horse was eager to locate his "girlfriend" coming up behind us!  What a fun layout to make!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Scrap a BIG Photo Challenge

I have chosen to tackle the "Scrap a BIG Photo Challenge" from Shimelle's Crop Weekend.  I created a layout from June 2013 of my son's first ever travel baseball team, TIDE.  They were a 9 year old kid pitch travel baseball team from the Mississippi Delta.  I used "Hey Boy!" from Basic Grey and cut down the 8 1/2 x 11 photo about 1/4 of an inch to fit in the large box in the middle.  The embellishments are from Hey Boy and Hipster from Basic Grey.
Here is the official team photo finally documented!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shimelle's Weekly Challenge: Use Globes/Maps

Shimelle is posting a weekly challenge each Monday.  This past week's challenge was to use a globe and/or map as an inspiration.  I used Shimelle's Christmas Line, specifically "Santa's Route", a map of the world paper and her "Joy to the World" globe 3D embellishment on my layout to help signify my mini "trip around the world" (Mississippi to South Texas in 4 days trip), plus our outing to Arturo's!
 Arturo's was originally located in Progresso, Mexico, a border town close to Harlingen, Texas.  It is now located in Weslaco, TX.  This is the 2nd year in a row I have gone to celebrate the Christmas holidays at Arturo's with Tammi, Bill, Hannah & Travis!  These are wonderful memories.

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Choose One of the Monday Challenges

For my 3rd Challenge from Shimelle's Crop Weekend  I chose the VERY FIRST CHALLENGE of the weekend, which was choose one of weekly Monday challenges.  I chose to create a monochromatic themed layout.
I have not created nor sent a Christmas Card since 2012.  Every year I have scrapped the Christmas Card on a 12x12 layout to signify the beginning of all that year's Christmas layouts.  Nothing fancy, just simple documentation!  I used Shimelle's Christmas line on this layout with a few additional accessories from years past.

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Scrap Something of Value Challenge

Challenge #2 for me from Shimelle's Crop Weekend is to scrap something of value.  It is a 6x12 page which will have all the journaling of this photo and my trip to South Texas on the backside.  It will be the beginning of a small set of layouts about my Rio Grande Texas visit.

I made an impromptu visit to Texas.  First stop was at my mother's home to attend my niece's graduation from A&M.  Then the following morning I left for the Rio Grande Valley to visit my grandmother.  My cousin and her husband graciously allowed me to stay at home, where we had time to visit and catch up.  Upon my arrival on Saturday, I went to cousin's home, where she & I went to my grandmother's Assisted Living Apartment.  This is the conversation that occured.

     Tammi said, "Mammi your surprise is here." (Tammi had told Mammi she was going to receive a surprise this weekend.)

     I said, "Hello Mammi.  It's Lisa!  I came to see and visit with you!"

    We hugged and kissed and then Mammi said, "Oh, I thought Richard (my brother) was going to be my surprise!"

Tammi & I just looked at each other, shaking our heads laughing.  I can't win for losing!

  I value this picture because I wasn't positive I would be able to make the 15 hour (2 day) trip to spend time with my Grandmother, who is 86 years old.  We spent the day visiting and accomplishing one of her requests, sending out Christmas cards.  It took us 6 hours to write and send out 25 Christmas cards.  By 5pm that evening she was shooing me out the door so she could eat her dinner in peace and then relax.  Although Mammi was happy to see me, she may have been happier to see me leave that evening! I snapped this selfie of me and Mammi at her assisted living apartment at the end of our all day Christmas Card writing stint.  I am amazed we were both still smiling.
December 19, 2015

Shimelle's Crop Weekend: Color Blocking Challenge

My first layout completed from Shimelle's Crop Weekend.  I chose to tackle the challenge: Color Blocking.  I am unsure if this is truly color blocking but its my attempt.  I used papers and embellishments from Shimelle's Christmas line!

These are photos from Christmas 2015!  Mitchell Mutz home from the army with my son, Walker!  We are at the Mutz' house enjoying Christmas Eve festivities!  Funny enough these are my only pics from this evening!  Aargh!!

Having a blast!  Come join us for some scrappin' fun at!