Friday, July 29, 2011


I really liked how this monochromatic LO turned out; so I decided to post it! It is a family picture at South Padre Island in April for my cousin's 40th birthday! Lot's of fun to be had!

I also posted 2 other LOs from our visit to Navarre Beach with my dad!

My Craft Channel: 15th Host Revealed: Craft Tech with Ana Cabrera

My Craft Channel: 15th Host Revealed: Craft Tech with Ana Cabrera: "We're going to be announcing our Cricut winners for the next two days on Saturday, July 30th. So check back then to see if you win one of th..."

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Walker's 9th Birthday

Just felt like posting a picture of the front LO of Walker's 9 year old album. His birthday was family only: swimming, cake, ice cream and presents over at Noni's!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Niagra: Shimelle's 4x6 LO

These are random pictures we took during our vacation to Niagra Falls & Canada! I used Shimelle's 4x6 LO from Two Peas. I need to journal but, I will eventually!

8th Host Revealed and E2 Giveaway: Welcome Heidi Swapp

8th Host Revealed and E2 Giveaway: Welcome Heidi Swapp

Winner: Let's Scrap

7-13-11 Let's Scrap WINNER

Posted by DebbyD Administrator on July 20, 2011 at 5:10am in WEEKLY WINNERS
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Wow, there were tons of LO's with this weeks sketch in the gallery. Since the weather is rainy here it was fun to see all the summery LO's flying by.

But you probably did not came here to hear me talk about the weather, right?

Here we go: This weeks winner is: Lisa Zepponi with this great (summer, ha!) LO:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Horse Play

Attached is the layout I completed focusing on my son and brother playing around on a boat ride in South Padre Island Bay in April.  The sketch is from Let's Scrap 7-13-11.  We had gone to SPI to celebrate my cousin's 40th birthday!  It was a lot of fun and I love these candids I captured of these two goof balls! The second picture is Walker just being silly during Field Day at the end of school this year! Liked the LO! Sketch from Let's Scrap! P.S.  First picture to attach!   Yahoo!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Wow!  Walker and I have been gone for two weeks, leaving Chet to fend for himself!  Walker and I went to Niagra Falls and Toronto, Canada with my mother for a week.  What a fun whirlwind week!  Niagra Falls is certainly an amazing, awe inspiring vision.  Upon returning to Texas, Walker attended the Texas A&M Baseball camp for 3 days!  He was exhausted after each day of practice however, he woke up each morning asking if it was time to go!  However, after all of of our travels,  I am glad to be home!  To See my Chet and my Daisy Dog, our 16 week old Blood Hound.  She is a mess, scared of her own shadow, but she is so sweet!  Pictures to come...soon(er) or later.  Now I get to wash, iron, clean....

My Craft Channel: Why is My Craft Channel going to Rock the Web??

My Craft Channel: Why is My Craft Channel going to Rock the Web??: "Many of our new visitors have been asking the question... What is My Craft Channel? It is the first of its kind online craft TV network ..."

Friday, July 15, 2011

New My Craft TV

Just found My Craft TV. This a new website focused on bring high quality tv programs focused on crafting, mixed media, scrapbooking and more! Check it out! This is exciting news! PLUS they are giving away Cricuts as a promotional! Here is the link to the site. They are releasing their line up of talented hosts this week. Heartfelt crafting!

Harry Potter: The End

I spent the last two days sitting in a movie theater watching the Harry Potter movie marathon! it was alot fun. Watching 8 movies over two days, concluding with the final movie "The Deathly Hallows Part 2" beginning at 12:01am this morning!!! I met some new friends, fun conversation, and spectacular cinema!! I am absolutely exhausted but I am glad I participated in this once in a lifetime event, as crazy as it is! The movies and books are now completed. No new editions to the story, Harry won, Voldemort is defeated and hope is restored!

Now on to other topics. I am also very excited to find out that Nic Howard and May Flaum will host a joint Big Picture Class in September! According to their blogs, registration will begin July 28th. I can't wait. I encourage anyone to take a look at both of their sites. They are incredible scrappers, who bring a lot of fun and interaction to their classes. I am on a challenge trend right now and both of these ladies provide numerous challenges during their classes. I have taken different classes from both ladies with me producing a significant number of completed layouts with a Variety of style!! Through their classes, I have learned to use other materials besides the event style kits i was buying!

My son is at the Texas A&M baseball camp this week, leaving me and my mother to fend on our
own. She is cleaning and I am being lazy, well educating myself on the Internet. Do you buy it? I didn't think so! I had to catch up on all my email, reviewed a job description, correspondence and update my new blog. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to cut and paste a
blinkie or photos! This is my next educational challenge. I look forward to adding a little spice to my blog!! Heartfelt tidings!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Quick Yahoo to me!!! I made significant process in setting up my blog today(or is that yesterday!?). I linked some of my favorite blogs and sites, set up my profile and a few extras! I still need to figure out how to post some blinkies! But it is off to dreamland...

Harry Potter movie marathon @ theater starts tomorrow and concludes @ 12:01am 7/15/11 with the last movie of the series! Can't wait! Silly but silly is what keeps us young!

Blogging newbie inspired

Today I spent the day perusing blogs! And I am jealous, so I am going to give it all my effort to figure out how to blog, add badges, add a profile, etc!
What re-inspired me is Lain Ehmann's LOAD Feb 211 blog hop I read today! I am participating in BIg Picture Classes' The Motherload, taught by Lain Ehmann! LOAD stands for Layout a Day!! Motherload is a 12 week marathon, beginning with 8 weeks of training (completing a layout each week, a homework assignment, and taking a specific photo). Not too difficult...too bad i am already behind! Ha! But i have good excuse: i have been on vacation with my mother and son to Niagra Falls amd Canada! (another blog entry and hopefully pics)
I digress. We will end with 26 days of LOAD (creating a layout a day). Lain chose 26 days because a marathon is 26 Miles! wow!

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can! I know I can!". Bigger challenge will be getting my blog alive!