Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter: The End

I spent the last two days sitting in a movie theater watching the Harry Potter movie marathon! it was alot fun. Watching 8 movies over two days, concluding with the final movie "The Deathly Hallows Part 2" beginning at 12:01am this morning!!! I met some new friends, fun conversation, and spectacular cinema!! I am absolutely exhausted but I am glad I participated in this once in a lifetime event, as crazy as it is! The movies and books are now completed. No new editions to the story, Harry won, Voldemort is defeated and hope is restored!

Now on to other topics. I am also very excited to find out that Nic Howard and May Flaum will host a joint Big Picture Class in September! According to their blogs, registration will begin July 28th. I can't wait. I encourage anyone to take a look at both of their sites. They are incredible scrappers, who bring a lot of fun and interaction to their classes. I am on a challenge trend right now and both of these ladies provide numerous challenges during their classes. I have taken different classes from both ladies with me producing a significant number of completed layouts with a Variety of style!! Through their classes, I have learned to use other materials besides the event style kits i was buying!

My son is at the Texas A&M baseball camp this week, leaving me and my mother to fend on our
own. She is cleaning and I am being lazy, well educating myself on the Internet. Do you buy it? I didn't think so! I had to catch up on all my email, reviewed a job description, correspondence and update my new blog. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to cut and paste a
blinkie or photos! This is my next educational challenge. I look forward to adding a little spice to my blog!! Heartfelt tidings!

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