Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Wow!  Walker and I have been gone for two weeks, leaving Chet to fend for himself!  Walker and I went to Niagra Falls and Toronto, Canada with my mother for a week.  What a fun whirlwind week!  Niagra Falls is certainly an amazing, awe inspiring vision.  Upon returning to Texas, Walker attended the Texas A&M Baseball camp for 3 days!  He was exhausted after each day of practice however, he woke up each morning asking if it was time to go!  However, after all of of our travels,  I am glad to be home!  To See my Chet and my Daisy Dog, our 16 week old Blood Hound.  She is a mess, scared of her own shadow, but she is so sweet!  Pictures to come...soon(er) or later.  Now I get to wash, iron, clean....

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