Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOAD: Day 8 I need...

Today's Load challenge was to scrap "what you need".  What do you need to make your day, week, month, life complete, whole and happy,  or more simply, what do you need to get through the day so you don't pull your hair out as you run from the room screaming!
     1.  God, daily prayer: "Help, me today Lord!"
     2.  My lists for work, daily to do's, scrapbooking, events, projects. I am lost without them.  (Don't forget those binders.)
     3. My blackberry phone and computer.  I can't think of a day I do not use one, if not both, of these pieces of communication.
     4.  The Color Red.  I love it! It makes me happy and energized!
Here is my layout on what I need... (to make it through each day).

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