Friday, September 2, 2011

LOAD: Day 2 Cave of the Winds

 We were challenged to scrap a picture of a time when we "bellied" laughed.  This was certainly at "Cave of the Winds" at Niagara Falls.  We took an elevator down several "floors" down the cliff side to slowly (or race it Walker style) make your way back up the cliff under the American Falls.  At several levels there were observation decks, ending on the "Hurricane Deck", where you had gale force winds, drenched by water from the American Falls!  It was fabulous!  Walker was so excited!  He ran from deck to deck with Maddie, our tour guide's daughter, pulling us along!  the picture inset in the upper left corner is Walker & Maddie on the Hurricane deck!   What fun we had!  We certainly bellied laughed the entire trip!!!!  And got a little wet!  This picture is of all four of us at the end!  Forget the rain coats! They didn't work! The layout is based on Shimelle Laine's sketch July 2011.

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