Friday, September 23, 2011

Ella's Boot Camp Drill #6 Grid Design

Ella Publishing's Boot Camp Drill #6 with Lisa Dickinson taught us about design using grids in three different ways.  I chose:  Use a grid as the background and place a picture over grid.  I used a picture of Jill Mutz, my aunt with Walker's baseball helmet on, bat in one hand and Oscar the puppy in the other!  The "Oldest t-baller".  It was fun!  Plus I got to use up some random embellishments and scraps!  Love it!

I also used PSE to darken up the picture because it was too light; however it looks as if I went too dark.  This is a technique I learned by Maggie Holmes.  Obviously, I didn't listen very well!


  1. wonderful grid, lisa! i love how you added little details to each square!

  2. I agree with Lisa, the details on the squares are fun and engaging. Great job!!