Sunday, September 25, 2011

LOAD: Day 24 Lyrics; Double Take Wk1 Sketch 1

Not sure why I didn't post yesterday's  LOAD and Double Take class layout, but here it is.  The LOAD challenge for the day was to use a song title or lyrics as the title on a layout.  I was not inspired to use the prompt.  WHAT I really wanted to work on one of the four sketches for the first week of DOUBLE TAKE with Nic Howard and May Flaum at Big Picture Classes .  Therefore, I completed the first out of four sketches for the week as my daily LOAD challenge. Double Take class has TWO fantastic instructors, 4 sketches, 2 examples per sketch each week for 4 weeks!  It is not too late to join us!  Click on Big Picture Classes above to learn more about the class and register.  Go for it!

Only three more days left of LOAD!  The pictures of Walker on the layout are him performing his Magic show which he learned from Landon Stark's Magic class earlier that day.  He was very intent on performing the magic tricks "just so".   The journaling reads "Magician at Work"  "Walker attended a "magical workshop" taught by Landon Stark, a professional magician.  When we got home, he performed a show for us.  Mae Mae was his "assistant".  he was very enthusiastic about his performance - very unusual (for Walker).  Performing trick after trick - I clapped and snapped (photos) eagerly."

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