Saturday, September 3, 2011

Zepponi New Year's Day!

Chet, Walker & Daisy

Happy New Year!! Zepponi style!  Today marks the 1st day of the new year as far as the Zepponi men are concerned. It is Dove Day! The beginning of all the hunting seasons! A lot of preparation goes into kicking off our Zepponi New Year, as named by sister-in-law Ashley! Dogs trained for retrieving (months in advance), shells must be bought (500 shells I bought Friday afternoon), guns oiled, cleaned and set out for early retrieval, shells loaded in the camo back pack, hunting clothes retrieved, cleaned and set out for that early wake up call, (camera ready for easy pick up by half asleep mom), baths taken and the alarm set for a 5:00 am (on a Saturday) wake up call!!! RRRR RRRR RRRR goes the alarm at 5:00 am dark! I sit bolt up in bed screaming, "What the...?"   The man and boy sleep. 15 minutes later: RRRR RRRR RRRR goes the alarm, again.  I kick the man saying, "aren't you getting up?  "yes," he says.   "Well do it and turn off the alarm," I say as a I roll over trying to go back to bed.

Daisy is sad she was left.
Movement is felt, lights turned on, the boy awoken, and I realize I must get up if I want pictures! Aargh! I get up groggily, stop them as they are trying to escape without getting their annual New Year's Day picture made! Thank goodness for the man. He has good sense. He makes the boy stand still, holds the dog, so I can get my pictures without alot of nagging, and so they can get out the door! Yahoo! They are off, only to return to retrieve chairs to sit on during the hunt. At 9:00 am. I receive a phone call. "Are you coming to mama's for breakfast?" asks the man. "No, I say. I just fell back asleep an hour ago. I might see you for lunch," I say groggily.

Relaxing after lunch
But I wake up, start moving and eventually head over to hunting camp central, my mother-in-law's home. Ribs await the hungry hunters, friends and family before a nap and/or play/swim time. At 3:00 p.m. the hunters gear back up and leave for the sunflower fields to find us some Sunday dinner! Some of the women venture out this afternoon and the rest of us "hunt" for a space on the couch to chit chat! The hunters and the retrievers (dogs and children) will come in at dark, tired and hungry but fulfilled with the sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and excitement as another Zepponi New Year's Day comes to an end.
Delise &Scott Menotti
Hey, but this is just the beginning. They will be up tomorrow for more dove hunting, followed by bow deer season and alligator in October, gun deer season in November (this is Christmas Day), duck in January and last but not least turkey season in March. During these hunts, man teaches boy/girl the safety of hunting, the patience of quietly waiting, the knowledge that the young should be left to grow old and to give thanks for all that Lord has given. And if you should read this and you are not a hunter, we eat what we kill and/or share with those who want and/or in need.

Walker, Will & Leland hunting
                     Happy Hunting & Happy New Year to All! 

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