Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Half Page Sketch

As one of Shimelle's Challenges for her on-line crop weekend. She asked us to only scrap on 1/2 of the page! The pieces for this layout just came together ASAP!

I was actually at a weekend crop with my friend when I designed this page. It is her birthday we celebrated in the pictures (which I had on hand to scrap). She showed me some patterned paper with stick figure girls holding hands with words "best friends" printed over the entire sheet of paper.
In that fun, silly mocking tone, my friend said, "Look, I got this paper just for us!"

I, the ever "up to date" on texting accronyms (ha), replied, "Aww..yes, you are my BBF!" We both stared at each other with a puzzled look, "BBF's isn't right! Silly! It's BFFs, Best Friends Forever!
Then at the same time we started laughing and stated, "Big Bosom Friends! Yes! That is us!!"

So the page was born. A picture of us at her birthday party, where we were making fun of our large bosoms, papers of hot pink, lime green and black and some fun embellishments made this page easy to make! What fun!

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  1. BBF! That's hilarious!!! Awesome page--love the paper!