Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I am Proud to be a Scrapbooker!

First, I am VERY excited about this weekend. I am actually going to a crop 4 hours away, but I am bringing my computer to share the Shimelle 3 day cropping love (see post below this one: Pretty Papers or click on Shimelle to the right) with whomever is interested! So this is just the icing on the cupcake!

Why am I proud to be a scrapbooker?: because I am actively capturing the daily and significant events of our lives and documenting them in a memorable and creative way! This is not my mother's 1960 scrapbook (which is cool by the way). But her scrapbooks lack the "story". Unless she explains the Memorabilia, I am lost. I can only guess at what is going on, how she felt and why this was so important to her. I am proud that my son and hopefully, his future children will be able to look through the scrapbooks I created, with a little awe and interest, and without a narrator!

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