Saturday, April 14, 2012

Take Twelve: April: Places in Leland: Shimelle's Challenge 1

Once again, I have combined several of my classes + challenges into one layout.  I have taken twelve pictures of places in Leland, MS, my now hometown on the twelfth day of April. I chose to incorporate Shimelle's weekend crop, Challenge 1, scraplifting a layout by Jaime Warren.  Go here to view her wonderful layouts.  I have included several views of my layout to show that I truly took twelve pictures.  I chose places in Leland, because one of the topics in Stacy Julian's class, TWELVE, at big picture classes is "places".

So after school, on Thursday, April 12, 2012, my son and I drove around our 4,500 bed community of Leland, MS and I took pictures of places that had meaning to me and my family.  The first picture is of picturesque Deer Creek, while standing on the Jim Henson Rainbow Connection bridge, hence the green guard rail.  Deer Creek is the longest natural curving creek in North America according to the Levee Board.  If you flip the picture up, it reveals the next two pictures of the total 12.

The second picture is of our home with our faithful Bloodhound, Daisy, sitting century. Our home sits on the bank of Deer Creek.  The third picture is of the Jim Henson Boyhood Exhibit; The Birthplace of Kermit the Frog.

The fourth picture is of Lillo's Restaurant.  It is a family owned Italian food restaurant with authentic Florence style pizzas, this a semi-tradition on Sunday night.  The fifth picture is of Stop N Shop, our little local grocery store, which has the best cuts of meat in the delta!

The sixth picture is the front doors of Fratesi Grocery, a family owned gas station/grocery store which serves fabulous po-boys, crawfish, sells bait, beer and gas.  The original one-stop shopping center.  This is certainly a favorite lunch hang out on Saturday's.  The next picture is of one of our cotton fields.  It is in the planting stage.  This cotton field plus many more is one of daily places my husband goes to work.  The fields are a part of our being.

The eighth picture is a picture of the first home where Chet & I lived, in fact 4 out of the 5 siblings lived in this house at some point.  This is a 1,200sq ft. (if that) Jim Walter pre-made house.  It was actually Pat & Chester's first home, where they raised 5 children.  It wasn't until the oldest daughter was a senior in high school that they moved into the "Big House", which is the next picture.  "The big house", which I lovingly refer to it, is where we spend every Sunday afternoon with Chet's sisters and brother, their children and his mother for dinner and play time.  This is also where my husband starts his day, with a cup of milk/coffee (sugared milk with a little coffee).

The next picture is of the original Bank of Leland.  It is no longer a bank.  It is now city hall.  The inside is gorgeous with wood panel and a huge walk in vault.  When I was just starting to date Chet in 1993, it was still the Bank of Leland and across the street was Joe Turner Hardware, across the intersection was Azlin Drugstore and Dean Land Planting company.  Only Dean Land Planting company still resides in this intersection.

The next picture is of Lake Monochnoch.  A small lake, which sits behinds Lillo's Restaurant and borders several homes.  Chet and Walker have gone fishing many a day in this lake.

 The last picture is of our church, St. James Catholic Church, where currently Fr. Charles Buccantini is the parish priest.  It is a picturesque community church with red brick and a white steeple.  This is where we go every Sunday to worship and thank the Lord for all of our blessings. This is where Walker was baptized and received his First Reconciliation and First Communion.
There are many other buildings/places which I could take pictures, but these 12 hold the most memories for me.  Here is to April 12, 2012, which happens to be my brother's birthday.

I plan to print this journaling out, fold it up and adhere to the orange mat behind the pictures.  I have used Heidi Swapp's new color magic paper and No Limits paper. The green flowers are Prima Flowers.  The black star border strip is Hometown Summer by Pink Paislee and Sassafras hearts and yellow flower. Amy Tangerine black letters were used to spell Leland.  I also used Memory Book "Flip pockets".  I have had these forever and I always forget about them, but I truly like that I got 12 protected photos on one page.


  1. Wow! SO much captured in those photos. Love it.

  2. Totally love the walk through your town! I love that you documented a moment in time. Really cool way to have 12 photos on a page too!