Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twelve: Personality

Big Picture Classes has a class called TWELVE.  The class is a 12 week class superimposed on a year long class.  We will scrapbook a total of 144 layouts this year, 12 per each month based on the following categories: Me, Holidays, Places, Everyday Life, Rituals, People, Inspiration, Personality, Things, Family Story, Season, FUN.  Each category is assigned a color, by me.  Personality is yellow.  I have hidden journaling behind the picture, but pull on the little yellow tab and there it is!  This is a picture of Walker eating Elk Jerky in Toronto, Canada at an open market.  He was sulky because we were shopping, but then brightened up when we found some elk jerky and a coke.  Being a hunter, he was thrilled to eat ELK!

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