Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shimelle's Sketch of the Week: Daisy Dawg

I guess 4 to 5 months between blogging is going to be my new norm.  I am currently enthralled with Shimelle Lane's creative endeavors such as Starting Points, Sketch of the Week, Best of Both Worlds Kit, The Adventures of Glitter Girl over at Two Peas in a Bucket and her continuous array of guest designers.  And this doesn't even include her plethora of classes.  I am currently reviewing her class Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking. (A link to the class can be found on her blog to the right.)  It is a great inspiration of how to mix pattern papers, how to extend a 1 page sketch into two pages, how to just get started.  So,  long story I have tried my hand at some of Sketch of the Week challenges.

So here is my version of Shimelle's Sketch of the Week for 01.17.13 (if I read the European date correctly.)  These are 12 pictures I took on the Twelfth of November 2012, representing just an average evening at home with the Daisy Dawg, my now two year old Bloodhound, (which I can hear howling outside at some phantom).  What a bad dawg I have, but oh how I love her. I am NOT happy that the pictures are actually smaller than 3x3.  I am still unsure what I did when I ordered them.

 I just love these pics of her looking through the door to get in, finding a toy out of her box, finding a comfy spot on the couch to chew on her toy, finding a spot next to me or my son or one just to relax, including my bed. BAD DAWG!!   PLUS I was able to use some product given to me 2 years ago!  That felt good!

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