Monday, September 5, 2011

LOAD: Day 5 & Shimelle's 4x6 Love Camp Tara Wildlife

Opening the pages; left is back of 8x12; right is 12x12
8x12 is closed on top of the 12x12
       Today's LOAD challenge was to throw out the "usual" techniques and/or minimum requirements we adhere to when we create a layout.  For example, if you always create a 12x12 layout; make an 8x8 or other size layout, use hand journaling if you always use computerized, etc.

     Well, in order to meet today's LOAD prompt, I decided to tackle Shimelle's/Two Peas in a Bucket 4x6 Love August challenge.   The 4x6 challenge is to use 8 pictures; four on a 12x12 layout and 4 (2 on each side) of an 8x12.  Then you will sew or adhere the two page protectors together to create "One page".

       I have never scrapped on an 8x12 page before, nor do I typically use transparency to create the title of a layout, nor do I use the front and back of one sheet of paper (at the same time) to create a layout (8x12), nor do I use computer generated journalling.  All of which I did on this 4x6 LOVE/LOAD layout.  Here is my take on both challenges.

     I will need to decide if the page should open left or right.  Once I decide exactly where this "combo" layout will go in my son's album, I will use "tacky" tape to adhere the 8x12 page protector to the 12x12 page protector.  This will create the look and feel of one layout made of 2 pages.
Front 8x12 page
Back of 8x12 page

It amazes me that I only used 2 sheets of patterned cardstock.  One side was blue dots and the other solid blue.  The paper is 3+ years old and is We R Memory Keepers "Sky".  The envelope is Maya Road and the journal block is Bo Bunny. I used Summer Days banner from Pink Paislee's Hometown Summer collection.  This layout certainly took some time to create, but it was fun.  I will keep the idea in reserve.  This paper is some that I "saved" because I needed just the "right layout" to use it.   Three years later, I do think I found the right layout.  I plan to use the back of the 12x12 side to "quickly" layout two picks I have of Walker in the car on the ride home from camp.

    Tara Wildlife Camp is a five star camp located in Vicksburg, MS.  John Luther (Walker's cousin) and Walker shared a room (joined that day) by a friend Jacob Bomgarten.  This room was air conditioned, two double beds, only 2 boys per room, had its own shower and toilet, laundry service and 3 hot meals a day for one week.  Both boys received their hunter's education certification after taking the state test.  The pictures directly to the right are of the last day of camp. 1st: John & Walker in front of the life size deer in the hall of the cabins.  2nd pic: "Smurf" and Walker in the TV room of the camp.  Smurf was a 16 year old boy in Walker's "team/group" for the week.  Walker like any young 9 year old attached himself to "smurf" for the week.  I asked Walker what the boy's name was and he kept repeating "Smurf". Walker has no idea what this young man's Christian name is. Smurf received his nickname from a t-shirt he wore throughout camp!  Walker thoroughly enjoyed camp! Hunting, fishing, archery, riflery, duck call lessons, alligator management...a young hunter's dream!  Walker is already gearing up for next year!

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  1. Well done for winning Shimelle's august (8 photo) LO . This is a great page!
    Mandy McK